We connect parents with babysitters

In our system, you will find dozens of babysitters in your neigborhood. You will be able to select the best one.

We certify our babysitters in a few steps

Multiple verifications and a personal interview guarantee only reliable and experienced babysitters in our system.

We solve situations immediately and save you time

You don’t need to make plans a whole week ahead. You can simply book a babysitter whenever you need.

New! – Payment in the application

We’ve said farewell to coins and banknotes and we’ve introduced a way to pay for babysittings directly in the application Babysitting.today

This feature has been enabled since May 2nd, 2017.

What the parents who have tried our system think…

“My husband and I have a sort of ritual which is to spend at least one night a week on our own with no kids around. It’s great therapy!”


“We’ve found a babysitter living just a block away from our house. It only takes her three minutes to get here, so she has no problem working late nights.”


“I’ve been in situations when I needed babysitting, like, right away and I’ve always managed in the end.”


How does it work?

Set up your very own babysitting offer,

including details such as place and time of babysitting. Send your offer and wait for the babysitters’ replies. Your offer will be addressed to the babysitters in your neigborhood.

You will receive positive replies

from the babysitters in your neigborhood who are available at the given time. Find out who is intereted in your offer…

Choose the one you like the best…

and pick the one who meets your personal requirements and confirm your choice. That’s it. Your babysitting is booked and confirmed!

Need assistance?

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