• "We always have a blast with Jacob!"

    Anna babysits him every Monday afternoon

  • "Lucy is my new best friend!"

    Lucy comes over every Tuesday

  • "Me and Lena turn into super adventurers every single time."

    Lena babysits Zoey every other Wednesday and Thursday

  • "John is just so much fun!"

    Katie takes care of him on Fridays

What is Babysitting.today?

Babysitting is a type of service frequently requested by parents worldwide. Thanks to modern technologies we are bringing this service to a completely new level.

We wished that all parents had a quick access to babysitters, were able to set up babysitting within a few minutes and didn’t have to go through the difficult process of planning a long time ahead. We wanted to create an organic platform for all babysitters who would be interested in earning a little extra income. Therefore we created this unique service that is based on the principles of social networks and uses the advantages of mobile apps. This system enables both sides to get instantly in touch and provides an easily accessible, functional network for requesting babysitting.

Download Babysitting.today app on your phone, register as a parent and become part of the best service for parents, children and babysitters.

Try Babysitting.today for free.

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Our goal is to create a highly functional system for all parents and babysitters. To make this system work, we need to eliminate those individuals who would sign up for our application for other than babysitting purposes. Therefore we need your credit card information, as that is the best way to verify your identity. Your credit card will only serve as means of verification – absolutely no fees will be charged. Our system is secured by Braintree, a renowned partner of PayPal, so your data will be safe at all times.

Why is Babysitting.today so unique?

Find a sitter in your neighborhood

Add an address where babysitting will take place. You can change the address anytime you want, that way if you are traveling, you can always find sitters in your current area.

Add the best sitters to your list

Babysitting.today lets you see all sitters in your neighborhood. You can look through their profile and see how well they would fit into your family. Based on that you create your own list of favorite sitters who will then be receiving your babysitting requests.

Share your opinion and rate the sitter

This plays an important part in our system. Every parent has to rate a sitter for a completed babysitting session, so other parents can have an idea what the sitter is like. The rating and written reference is done mutually.

Don’t lower your sights

In our system you can also find sitters who have experience with disabled children or those with special needs. Get the best for your children while taking the time for yourself you deserve.

Request babysitting

Browse through various sitters and choose the ones you like. Then you can send one request to multiple babysitters. Whoever reacts the fastest gets the job. This will save you so much time!

Stay organized

Babysitting.today gives you a great overview of upcoming sittings as well as completed ones. That way you will always know who was sitting for your children and how satisfied you were with them.

Any plans for tonight? Get a sitter now! Download Babysitting.today